Hi, I'm Damien Kihe

I am a developer based in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hit me up and lets make something cool



A Gatsby astronaut

WordSearch-JS is a simple wordsearch generator made in Javascript along with the Canvas API.

Select the grid size, fill out the word bank and click "Create New Grid" to generate a random puzzle.

With the canvas, users are also able to drag and click to find words.

Combo Translator

A Gatsby astronaut

Combo Translator is an app made in React for the purpose of translating text-based fighting game combo notations into readable images.

Simply select your game of choice and copy and paste your notation into the inputbar.

Weather App

A Gatsby astronaut

A simple weather app made in vanilla javascript that uses the open weather map api.

Input a city or state to view the current weather for the given location.